5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Our Local Businesses

With the bustling holiday season over, our local businesses are buckling in for the cold Chicago winter months! There are plenty of ways to support small business all year round that make for the perfect New Year’s resolution! You don’t need to re-invent yourself for these new years resolutions! Do more of what’s already working for you, supporting local businesses! This year, we’re sharing small resolutions that make a big difference for our neighborhood shops. Here’s how you can support local and some facts why it is important to do all year round!

Leave 1 Positive Review at a Small Business Each Week | Commitment Level – 1/5

Research shows that up to 84% of consumers noted that reviews were important in their purchasing decisions and 97% of customers use reviews to search for local services. Additionally, 68% develop an opinion of a product or service after viewing between one to six reviews, meaning your words MATTER! These reviews help guide new customers to some local favorites. Support your local restaurant and tell them how much you love that one dish of theirs, or write a quick review about how great the customer service was at your local doctors office. You don’t have to be incredibly verbose when sending your love, a little love goes a long way for small businesses! Three minutes writing a glowing review could mean 30 new customers for that mom & pop shop!

Comment & Engage with 5 Small Businesses | Commitment Level – 1/5

We know the social media algorithms can be a fickle thing, but you can help a small business thrive just by engaging them on social media! A study by Constellation Research reported that businesses who improve engagement can increase cross-sell revenue by 22 percent, increase revenue by 38 percent and order size by 5 to 85 percent! If you engage with a small business, you can help be directly responsible for their growth! Meaningful engagement (likes, comments, shares, saves, ect) can help boost a business nearly 35%! Say you’re grabbing a quick cup of coffee & like the small businesses’ latest post while you wait, you’re helping a small business continue to thrive by helping their post get seen by more people who might venture out to grab a cup of joe there next!

Try Local before Big Box | Commitment Level – 2/5

Sure, the big box store may have a little bit of everything, but did you know that of every dollar spent at a small business, 48 cents goes back into the local economy? Research shows that shopping local helps improve the entire local economy. The dollar goes right back into paying local workers, local providers & distributors, and local institutions. As an added benefit, many small businesses offer loyalty programs and incredible promotions for their customer appreciation! Get familiar with local business owners who can help you find the perfect something special way better than endlessly Googling ever could!

Try Something New on the Menu at Your Favorite Local Spot | Commitment Level – 2/5

Repeat customers are one of the largest sources for revenue for small business, making up over 65% of sales every day! Our small businesses are always surprising us with fun, new additions to their menus and new events to help you enjoy a night out! Whether you try a new food at your favorite local standby or sign up for a fun club or even venture out for a trivia night, you’re sure to support local businesses just by giving your old favorites another perspective!

Try The New Place in Town & Bring a Friend! | Commitment Level – 2/5

Tired of going to the same spot all the time? Give the new kid on the block a shot! Repeat customers make up nearly 65% of sales every day for local businesses but how do businesses get repeat customers in the first place? By someone venturing out to give them a shot! Try one of the 50+ small businesses that have opened in the last year and a half on your next night out! 92% of people trust referrals from people they know, which means if you and a friend or two spend a night out at one of our newer local spots, you can refer others there which will help that small business grow exponentially!