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If you have ever attended the Annual Lakeview East Festival of the Arts, Belmont Sheffield Music Festival, Halloween Hoopla, Wine Stroll, Annual Tree Lighting, last year’s Wrigleyville Wonderland, or any of the countless other community events we’ve put on for the community, you know how much we love the residents and businesses of Lakeview East and how incredibly proud we are to represent this neighborhood. We love hosting these events as much as you love attending, but they are also quite expensive to produce.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve received dozens of messages from our local small businesses thanking us for the work we are doing to help support them during theCOVID-19 pandemic. At the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce, our number one goal is, and always will be, to promote and enrich local business and help make Lakeview East a wonderful place to live and visit. But, the COVID-19 pandemic has also taken its toll on us, and we can’t do it alone.

The Chamber typically brings in revenue from producing events, as well as annual dues paid by our members, the majority of which are small, local, and family-owned businesses. The inability to host events while the COVID-19 pandemic continues has put us in a tough spot financially while many of our member businesses are also hurting. Unfortunately, Chambers of Commerce are excluded from much of the local, state, and national funding programs available to other organizations, leading us to call on the community for support.

Your donation to the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce will help us continue support for our local small businesses during a time when they need us most, as well as bring our community together as we begin to reopen and, eventually, recover. After all, our local small businesses are what makes our neighborhood so dynamic, unique, and a place that truly feels like home. We will do whatever it takes to help keep it that way!

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Custom donations can be in increments of $1, and there is no limit. If you are experiencing issues or would like assistance making your donation, please email us at info@lakevieweast.com.


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