Community Partnership

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What Is Lakeview East Community Partnership (LVECP)?

LVECPLVECP is an independent non-profit, 501(c)3, philanthropic arm of the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce comprised of community residents. Our mission is to contribute to local non-profit organizations to enhance the quality of life in Lakeview by supporting community development projects as well as arts and neighborhood beautification.


Arts and Art Education Projects

  • Provide volunteers for the annual Lakeview East Festival of the Arts
  • Organize art events in the neighborhood with local galleries

Green Projects

  • Organize and staff a recycling drive for uncommon household recyclables
  • Volunteer to educate students in local schools about recycling

Community Development

  • Organize and conduct a food drive for the Lakeview Pantry
  • Develop a neighborhood newsletter
  • Coordinate town hall meetings for interaction between businesses and residents
  • Volunteer with other non-profit organizations in the neighborhood to help them reach their goals

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Coordinate quarterly meet and greet to recruit members
  • Develop volunteer resources