Beyond the Menu: Love, Legacy, and PS Bangkok

Nestled in the currently construction heavy Clark Street at 3345 N Clark lives the beautiful plant and antique filled window of PS Bangkok. Established in 1983, PS Bangkok, is more than just a restaurant; it’s a story of family, dedication, and the unwavering love of Thai cuisine. This charming establishment, founded by Sue along with her sister and her husband, has grown from a labor of love into a beloved local gem.

PS Bangkok’s journey started with a vision and a building that needed a lot of TLC. Sue and her family rolled up their sleeves in 1983, transforming the space into the warm, inviting restaurant we know today. Those early days were filled with hard work, as they juggled roles from chefs to servers, all the while living in the units above. This wasn’t just a business; it was their home, their life, and their dream in the making.

Today, Sue is the heart of the restaurant, wearing multiple hats as the host, server, and chef. Her approach is refreshingly traditional, keeping things old-school with online orders coming in via fax. Sue’s love for antique hunting has filled the restaurant with unique treasures since 1991, each piece telling its own story and adding to the restaurant’s distinct character. If you’re lucky, Sue might even sit down and tell you some of the stories of how she acquired all of her beloved antiques.

Sue’s culinary expertise is deeply rooted in her heritage, learned from her parents who owned a longstanding restaurant in Thailand. The menu at PS Bangkok is a reflection of these family recipes and traditions. Favorites like the Siamese Curry Noodles (which was her father’s recipie) and the Khow Soy (A dish originally of Mountainous Chinese regions brought to Thailand in the 80s) are not just meals but memories and stories served on a plate, offering guests a genuine taste of Thai culture.

As Lakeview has evolved, PS Bangkok has stood as a constant, warmly embracing the changes while remaining a cherished gathering spot for the community. Sue has been a witness to the neighborhood’s transformation, maintaining her dedication to offering a slice of Thai culture amidst the shifting dynamics. The one thing that has stayed constant is the friendliness and the diversity of the community.

The night the Chicago Cubs clinched the World Series is a night Sue will always remember. Sue went out during the playoffs to buy flat screen TVs for the space just for the occasion. PS Bangkok transformed into a vibrant hub of excitement, bringing together fans in a shared experience of anticipation and joy. This moment was far from the usual dining experience, turning the restaurant into a communal living room where history was made. For the first time in PS Bangkok history, the taps ran dry and the beer cooler was emptied.

Through the years, Sue has cherished the interactions with both new and loyal customers, each contributing to the narrative of PS Bangkok. These interactions, from daily greetings to shared meals, have given her decases of memories that highlight the restaurant’s role beyond just serving food. It’s these moments of connection and community engagement that underscore the unique place PS Bangkok holds in Lakeview—a testament to Sue’s passion and the restaurant’s legacy as a welcoming place for all

As Sue looks ahead, she dreams of passing on the legacy of PS Bangkok to someone who shares her passion for the restaurant and the community. Despite recent challenges with construction, she’s hopeful for the neighborhood’s future and excited for new developments that will bring more vibrancy to Lakeview.

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Sue’s advice for those looking to start their own business is heartfelt and straightforward: be involved in every aspect of your business. It’s a philosophy that has served her well, emphasizing the importance of connection and understanding across all levels of operation.

PS Bangkok is a piece of Lakeview’s history, a culinary adventure, and a place where everyone is treated like family. Sue’s dedication to her craft, her patrons, and her community serves as an inspiration, inviting all who visit to experience the magic of Thai cuisine and the warmth of genuine hospitality.