Cubaneo is an instant escape from the city to the beautiful island of Cuba. A friendly, fun, vibrant all-day cafe & restaurant that invites you to feast on a wide selection of Tropical Foods!

The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce Supper Club is inspired by Chicago Restaurant Week! We team up with a local business and create a unique experience for a low set cost. Join us for our second Supper Club of the year at Cubaneo! We have a delicious prix fixe menu prepared for the evening, with a mojito included (can be switched to a mocktail!)

$50 Per Person. Get tickets here!

Menu For the Evening

Appetizer (Choose one)

Chicken Empanadas: Savory hand pie filled with chicken

Croquetas: Traditional bechamel chorizo corquettes, and aoili

Soup or Salad (Choose one)

Tomato Soup: Roasted tomato, garlic, onions, sofrito, sour cream, served with garlic bread

Avocado Salad: Avocado, tomato, onions, cucumber, citrus and lemon buttermilk dressing

Entrees (Choose one)

Guava BBQ Ribs: Slow roasted ribs glazed in guava BBQ sauce, mangos, and french fries

Mango Shrimp: Cuban-styled shrimps cooked in mango sauce, served with white rice, mojo, and tostones

Dessert (Choose one)

Chocolate Tacos: Chocolate shell, chocolate ganache, market fruits

Flan: Traditional Spanish flan, meringue, crystalized orange slice

Cocktail: Mojito

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