Lost in the hoopla surrounding the new restaurants opening around Wrigley Field is that the Hotel Zachary has its own food and beverage outlets. Beyond Big Star, Smoke Daddy, Mordecai, and West Town Bakery, the hotel has opened its own second-floor bar, along with a private dining space called the Alma Room that will be open for the public for breakfast. They even hired Karen Herold, the superstar designer behind standout restaurants including BLVD, the winner of Eater Chicago’s 2017 Restaurant Design of The Year award, to create the space.

Hickory Street Capital, a company owned by the Ricketts family — who also run the Cubs — runs the boutique hotel. This space should provide a respite from the summer craziness of Clark and Addison. The main dining area, the Alma Room, is named after the wife of the hotel’s namesake, Zachary Taylor Davis. Davis served as Wrigley Field’s architect. Painted portraits of the two hang on the landing leading up the stairs toward a 20-seat wraparound bar.

The Hotel Zachary knows they’re the new kids on the block, but they want to blend into the neighborhood. There’s clamor from local bar and restaurant owners that the new developments are designed to put them out of business. At least in interviews that doesn’t seem to be the case. There’s more of a sense to complement. Hickory Street Capital’s director of food and beverage asset management Nathaniel Brethold simply said, “We’re not trying to transform the neighborhood.””

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