Show the father figure in your life how much you love him while also supporting local businesses. See the list below for ideas from local Lakeview East retailers!


Matching Tie and Mask from CRAM Fashion

3331 N. Broadway | (773) 477-1737 

Get your father ready to go back to work with this tie and mask combo. He can feel confident in his matching and impress any future clients with his perfectly paired accessories.



Hops for Pops from DryHop

3155 N. Broadway | (773) 857-3155 

Sometimes Bud just doesn’t cut it. Get dad some new brews from DryHop. Distract from the socks and sandals with a trendy drink in his hand. Finally, you can have the cool dad you’ve always wanted.



A Board Game from Bonus Round Game Cafe

3230 N. Clark | (773)857-1037

Nothing says I love you like showing dad you want to spend more time with him by playing a game! Picking out a great game for the whole family is the perfect way to show him that you think his victory dance is endearing and that you will let him win just this one time.


Meal from a Local Restaurant and Dine Out on Broadway

Lakeview East has some of the best restaurants in Chicago, and we know we’re a little biased when we say this, but the WORLD! The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so don’t disappoint this year. Check out our guide here to what local restaurants are currently doing pick up and/or delivery. PLUS you can eat at an outdoor patio for our Dine Out on Broadway program for its last weekend.




Assortment of Chocolates from Kilwin’s

3519 N. Clark | (773) 770-3455

We’ve got a good feeling about this one. Who doesn’t love something sweet? Show Dad you love him with local chocolates and/or ice cream. The more you give, the more he’ll love you. We’re joking. But really, he needs this in order to put up with you.



A Classic from Chicago Comics

3244 N. Clark | (773) 528-1983

Get Dad a treasure from Chicago Comics. Perhaps surprise him with one of his childhood favorites or a comic from the year he was born. Sometimes the older it is, the more expensive. Aren’t dads the same way? What an excellent reminder that fathers only get more valuable with age.



Rep the Team with Clark Street Sports

4506 W. Lawrence | (773) 831-4030

You already know your dad loves you but you know who else he loves? The Cubs. And let’s be real, they’ve been around way longer than you. This year, acknowledge your father’s first love with some gear from Clark Street Sports. We can’t say this will get him to love you more than the team, but it’ll definitely get you closer!



His Favorite Album on Vinyl from Reckless Records

929 W. Belmont | (773) 404-5080 

Dad loves sharing memories from the good old days. Help him out by getting him a few records from his favorite bands! This will have him dancing through the living room and embarrassing you like you’ve never seen before. But hey, it’s Father’s Day. Let him have this one.


Books from Unabridged Bookstore

3251 N. Broadway | (773) 883-9119

You know what dad really needs? A bit of peace and quiet. Get him a good book and send him on his way! Pro tip: if you get him a shorter book, you can start bothering him again sooner.



Greeting Card from Foursided’s Father’s Day Collection

2958 N. Clark | (773) 244-6431

Foursided always has the best cards and little gifts for any occasion. Their unique collection is sure to blow the {fun} socks off any dad! Check out their unique Father’s Day Collection and see what would really set you apart from the rest.



Family Jersey from Shirts Illustrated

1340 W. Belmont | (773) 871-4785

Do you know what would be an absolutely iconic gift for dad? Three words. Matching. Family. Shirts. Nothing makes dad more proud than strutting down the street with the kids all wearing the same shirt lovingly designed by his family. This versatile gift can also be worn at family reunions, family vacations, and any other day in between.


Fur Baby Apparel from Bark by the Park

2936 N. Clark | (773) 658-9663 

If your only child, or maybe your favorite child, is your pet, we haven’t forgotten about you! Perhaps a matching raincoat or a bowtie collar? It will make dad’s day seeing his little man dressed to the nines.


The Snack He Really Wants from Wells Street Popcorn

2804 N. Clark | (773) 549-7800

Sit dad down in his favorite chair and put a big tub of fine popcorn in his hands. This idyllic Father’s Day image would not be the same without Wells Street Popcorn. Peanut-free, tree nut-free, and gluten-free, there is literally something for everyone. Don’t miss out on Chicago’s famous cheddar and caramel mix. Add on the bacon cheddar flavor for the ultimate taste sensation. *Cue dad’s eyes rolling back in his head*


Super Sharp Suit from Zeglio

3245 N. Broadway | (773) 525-6199

You don’t want dad going around looking shabby. It reflects poorly on the whole family! Get him a gift card to Zeglio so you can have the sharpest dressed father in the whole neighborhood.