Go Back To School in Style

Summer is coming to an end and class is back in session! Whether you’re sending your little one back to school, or you’re looking for college supplies to match your aesthetic, here is where you can go to make sure the first day back in class is an A+.

School Supplies


Inkling has all the accessories necessary for going back to class in style! If you’re looking for supplies that will set you apart from the other students, be sure to stop at Inkling during your back-to-school haul.

Four Sided

Four Sided is prepared to send you off the right way! They’ve created an entire webpage dedicated to going back to school. Get your 2022-2023 planners, quirky pens, and journals for all your courses.

Book Stores

Unabridged Bookstore

If your new year’s resolution to read more didn’t go as planned, start over for the school year! Unabridged books has an incredible selection of books, tote bags, and more. Unabridged is known for its dedicated and knowledgeable staff and the staff’s hand-written personal recommendations!

Gallery Bookstore

Opened in 1927, this used bookstore specializes in antique mystery, science fiction & horror books! Make reading time your favorite time of day with Gallery.

Donuts For First Day Jitters

These places will surely put a smile on your students face and will help settle any nerves for a new school year!

Care Package / Teacher Gifts

Creating a care package to give your college student a great send off? Be sure to include goodies from these neighborhood bakeries that will give them a taste of home. These places are also great to bring the teacher a first day gift!

After School Ice Cream

Cool off after your first day!


Coffee Shops

Need a quiet place to get some work done and stay caffeinated? These coffee shops are perfect for solo work or collaborative efforts! Find your perfect brew and become a regular at one of these local coffee joints.