Shop Local! Give the Gift of Lakeview East

Everyone has that one person that seems impossible to shop for. Give the gift of local Lakeview East and make your gift the favorite of them all!

These gifts were purchased by the Lakeview East Community Partnership and will be sold to benefit the local community through the Lakeview East Community Partnership (LVECP). Sample baskets are for sale on a first come, first served basis, but feel free to use these as inspiration to build your own Shop Local Lakeview East gift basket! With so many unique local businesses, the possibilities are endless.

Click the arrow (or swipe on mobile!) on each basket to see what’s inside. Send us a message to purchase! 

Crowd Pleaser – SOLD

Date Night $60

Warm and Cozy – SOLD

Kitchen Appeal – SOLD

Sweet Tooth – SOLD

Get Pampered – SOLD

Wine Down – SOLD

Night at Home – SOLD

Young at Heart – SOLD

Man’s Best Friend – SOLD

Other Local Baskets to Shop

A good amount of local small businesses in Lakeview East are also selling their own baskets! See some below for other direct purchase ideas! Swipe (mobile) or click the arrows on the images to see what’s in the baskets. To purchase, click on the names of the merchants for direct links to their website.



The Lakeview East Community Partnership (LVECP) is an independent non-profit, 501(c)3, philanthropic arm of the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce comprised of community residents.

Our mission is to contribute to local non-profit organizations to enhance the quality of life in Lakeview by supporting community programming projects as well as arts and neighborhood beautification.