Article By: Ariel Cheung

“LAKEVIEW — Say goodbye to dirty streets and bedraggled pine trees, central Lakeview — so says the promise of the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce, which officials installed Friday to replace Chicago View in handling the neighborhood’s $800,000 property tax budget for 2017.

Chicago View, formerly the Central Lakeview Merchants Association, had managed the special service area that includes Wrigleyville and the Belmont “L” station for decades, since its inception.

Chicago View executive director Gus Isacson tried to reassure officials in a pitch video presented last week, outlining the group’s past successes reinvesting property tax revenue to promote the neighborhood.

“Like a Las Vegas prostitute, we’re a sure bet on performance,” Isacson said, citing awards for snow removal and neighborhood engagement and city-designated grants.

But Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) and city officials apparently disagreed, wresting control of the SSA from Chicago View and handing it to the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce for 2017.”

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