Black and Caspian 2.0

Take what you know about the old Black and Caspian Wine Bistro and throw it out the window! This Chicagoan Mediterranean-based restaurant located at 2908 North Broadway is reinventing itself with the up-and-coming new owner who brings her own Mediterranean flavor to the table.

With a whole new vibe and atmosphere that’s modern yet feels aesthetically pleasing, Black and Caspian Wine Bistro should be your next dining destination! While many diners expect the familiarity of the old restaurant they have come to love, the new business aims to improve upon that great experience. Do not have any hesitation to give the new head chef who’s bringing new life and improved flavor profile to the beloved Mediterranean cuisine a try.

Meet The Owner

Evelyn Chantawee is the proud owner and head chef of Black and Caspian Wine Bistro. Her culinary skill is steadily being recognized by many Chicagoans who got the chance to dine in her new restaurant. Now she is making her mark in Mediterranean cuisine. Since taking over the business just about a year ago, Evelyn has exposed many diners and patrons alike to the next level of Mediterranean fine dining experience. So far, the business has received many positive ratings and reviews all over. To quote one satisfied diner: “It was one of the best dinners I’ve had…Black and Caspian is truly a gem in Lake View East!” The restaurant is never satisfied with just being good enough and never stops improving its services.

Wine and Dine

As a restaurant, Black and Caspian has an array of delicious Mediterranean and other exotic cuisines to choose from the menu. As a bistro, they also have an impressive selection of alcoholic beverages and wine as seen on the shelves all around the establishment. Every server is exceptionally knowledgeable and eager to offer recommendations so that they may give you the best dining experience! This Chicago’s hidden gem is the perfect spot for a couple looking forward to their next date night, or the next fun and exciting private party gathering. Whatever the occasion or special celebration events may be, Black and Caspian Wine Bistro is happy to accommodate.

Come On In

Black and Caspian Wine Bistro is no doubt the next great restaurant that will cement itself in the culinary business within the bustling city. Whether you decide to walk in or make a reservation ahead, there’s a spot waiting for you. So, the next time you’re craving for great Mediterranean cuisine you know where to go.

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