Rebuild Distressed Communities is a $25 million economic recovery program to support Illinois businesses that have sustained property damage as a result of civil unrest during protest and demonstrations on or after May 25th, 2020.

Through this program, a grant administrator (or administrators) will reimburse the costs to repair structural damages that have already been performed, including repairs to storefronts and entrances, improving electrical systems, and restoring exterior work. For work yet to be completed, the administrator(s) will partner with local contractors and pay for them to perform the work. Projects that were denied coverage by an insurance company are eligible, but must include documentation proving denial or lack of coverage.

The program will prioritize small businesses, underinsured or uninsured businesses, businesses that have a high community impact – such as grocery stores – and businesses in communities that have experienced historic disinvestment.  It also includes provisions to prioritize partnerships with BEP-certified contractors, including minority- and women-owned businesses, to do the repair work.

WHEN TO APPLY: DCEO will invite applications to become an administrator for the Rebuild Distressed Communities NOFO made available on Tuesday, June 23rd. We expect businesses impacted by property damage to be able to apply for support through this program by August.

For additional questions on the program or how to apply, please contact our Office of Grants Management at