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Reopening Lakeview East – UPDATED

Reopening Lakeview East – UPDATED2021-01-22T16:22:30-06:00

The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping our businesses reopen safely and within state and local guidelines. We will be providing our businesses with the resources needed to prepare to fully reopen. We will be following the 5 Phase plans set out by Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot, and the necessary precautions set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 



January 22, 2021: Governor Pritzker announced the opening up of businesses located in Region 11 (City of Chicago) to Tier 1 Mitigation starting January 23.

Please note the following changes:

 Bars and restaurants

  • Indoor service limited to lesser of 25% or 25 persons per room
  • No tables exceeding 4 people indoors an 6 people outside
  • Suspend indoor service if not serving food
  • Outdoor, delivery and takeout service continues under updated hour
  •  Face coverings must be worn at all times, except when patrons are seated and actively eating or drinking.
  • Patrons must be seated whenever they are eating or drinking
  • Tables must be six feet apart
  • All bars and restaurants must close at 11pm
  • Indoor service limited to no more than two hours

Food must be available at all times in order to offer indoor service. This means that bars, taverns or breweries without a food license can reopen indoors as long as they partner with a food establishment so that food is available to patrons at all times (e.g., making menus available and allowing delivery, allowing patrons to order from third-party delivery services).

Cultural Institutions

Gaming and Casinos


Household Gatherings

  • Allowed with public health guidelines

Indoor Fitness Classes

Meetings, Events, and Gatherings

  • Limit to lesser of 25 guests or 25% overall capacity indoors and outdoors


Organized Group Recreational Activities

You may find Tiered Mitigation HERE.

Tier 1, details on the full regulations will be posted at
























November 12, 2020: Mayor Lightfoot announced the following:

Mayor Lightfoot announced the launch of a new citywide strategy to reverse the alarming rise in COVID -19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. The “Protect Chicago” campaign uses targeted regulations, strong messaging, and a community-based outreach strategy to call on all residents to do what is necessary to flatten the curve. Without immediate action to stem the tide of cases, the city is on track to lose 1,000 more Chicagoans by the end of the year.


Stay at Home Advisory

Issued and Effective: January 18, 2021

As part of “Protect Chicago”, the Mayor has instituted a Stay at Home Advisory that will go into effect on Monday, November 16 at 6:00 am. As part of this advisory, the City is calling on all residents of Chicago to stay at home. Residents are strongly encouraged to only leave home to go to work or school, or for essential needs such as seeking medical care, going to the grocery store or pharmacy, picking up take-out food, or receiving deliveries. If you do leave home, wear a face covering and practice social distancing by staying six feet away from others.

Additionally, residents are strongly advised to:

  • Not have guests in their homes unless they are essential workers (e.g., home healthcare providers, childcare workers or educators).
  • Cancel traditional Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Avoid travel.

City of Chicago Business Affairs & Consumer Protection Workshops

Recorded Reopening Webinars:

Please use the helpful links below to read more information about what steps are needed for businesses (and individuals) to take to successfully reopen safely when given the okay to do so.

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