“LAKEVIEW — Some 1½ years ago, brothers Marius and Peter Toader decided to take the first steps toward a dream they’d had for a long time: opening a coffee shop.

But the more they thought about it, the more they wanted to offer something extra.

“We’ve always wanted a coffee shop, and we grew up on crepes,” Marius said. “In our families, Peter and I are the ones who do the cooking. So we decided to not just do another coffee shop, but offer something a little different.”

So they opened The Crepe Shop, an intimate and hip “hole in the wall,” as Marius calls it, inspired by the street food of Paris. Patrons can dine in with family-style seating for about 20, or they can order crepes to-go, which they’ll be given in wax paper for easy one-handed consumption or in a box for those who want to enjoy the crepes later.”

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