Step 1: Wake up.

Step 2: Roll out of Bed.

Step 3: Bar Crawl with best friends.

(oh and maybe brush your teeth, but you get the idea!)

When else can you wear your pajamas to a bar crawl and fit right in?! For one day only, you can roll right out of bed and go straight to The Pajama Crawl. Onesies, footy pajamas, your dad’s giant old t-shirt, or whatever you sleep in…all encouraged. Time to dress it down and party it up!

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Tickets include admission to all bars & free breakfast buffets, $8 in gift cards to use on the crawl, drink specials, giveaways and more!

WHERE: Deuce’s, Moe’s Cantina, Old Crow Smokehouse, and more to be announced!

The Pajama Crawl is brought to you by the same people who give you TBOX, and Chicago 20 Something! Tickets are on sale now, the sooner you buy the cheaper they will be.

Click here to get yours!