Article By: Jeffy Mai – Eater Chicago

“Summer is prime season for a lobster roll, but plenty of Chicago restaurants serve standout versions of the East Coast favorite all year round. Chicago is a long way from the East Coast but that doesn’t stop local spots from offering luscious versions of the sandwich. Dripping in mayo, butter, and spices, these indulgent bites are a relatively inexpensive take on high-end cuisine. Some even take liberties with the New England staple and come garnished with Chicago-style toppings and other nontraditional ingredients. Regardless of preference, here are 12 places that do it well. Listed from north to south.

#2 – Fish Bar, 2956 N. Sheffield Ave. 

DMK Restaurants’ idyllic neighborhood eatery reels in diners with fresh catch and a lobster roll that hits all the right notes. A generous amount of meat, sourced from Maine, is loaded onto a bun and finished with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and celery mayo. The sandwich is served alongside spicy slaw and salt and vinegar chips for the ultimate meal.”

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