It’s no secret that Chicago winters are cold, long, and historically pretty harsh. One of the best ways to warm up without leaving the neighborhood is to fill up with some hot comfort food! Discover where to get the best soup, ramen, and chili in Lakeview East.


Ann Sather’s: Lakeview East is home to TWO Ann Sather’s! Since 1945, Ann Sather’s has been whipping up generous homemade meals and warm hospitality. They have a rotating soup of the day every day, for just $4.95!

Cheesie’s Pub & Grub: Cheesie’s is home to all things grilled cheese. Warm up with their tomato bisque, either by itself, or with one of their dozen grilled cheese sandwiches! Choose between an 8oz cup for $3.50 or a 12oz bowl for $5.50.

ROCKS Lakeview: ROCKS serves American comfort food 7 days a week! Warm up with their rotating soup of the day for just $7.50!

Sheffield’s Beer and Wine Garden: For over 30 years Sheffield’s Beer and Wine Garden has been known for pioneering the Chicago craft beer movement and more recently for its authentic in-house smoked BBQ. They offer two soups: Chicken Tomatillo Soup with Cilantro and French Onion with Swiss and Crouton. Both are $8!

Stella’s Diner: Stella’s is a classic diner with an extensive menu and friendly staff! Enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup or their cheesy baked French onion. Both are served daily!

The Bagel Restaurant and Deli: The Bagel is a traditional family-run Jewish deli. They’ve PERFECTED Matzah Ball Soup, but they also offer Homemade Fresh Beet Borscht, Mish-Mash Soup, and more! Here are their current soup of the days: Small Bowl $6.55 | Large Bowl $7.05 • Always 100% vegetarian, no meat, no dairy • Monday: Vegetable | Tuesday: Lentil or Bean | Wednesday: Split Pea | Thursday: Vegetable | Friday: Mushroom Barley | Saturday: Potato | Sunday: Mushroom Barley

The Chicago Diner: The Chicago Diner has been home to vegan and vegetarian cuisine since 1983! Their vegan, house-made soup of the day is different daily. Grab a cup for $4, a bowl for $6, or add a side to any entrée for just $3!

Wilde: Let’s get Wilde! Wilde is a Irish restaurant located on the heart of Broadway. They have three soups available every day: Baked French Onion, Tomato Bisque, and a rotating soup of the day!

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Photo Courtesy of ROCKS


Cheesie’s Pub & Grub: Do you know what makes a great appetizer to a grilled cheese sandwich? A bowl of chili! Cheesie’s chili is… well, cheesy! Enjoy their beef chili, topped with a cheese blend and chives, served with sour cream. Choose between a 8oz Cup for $3.50 or a 12oz bowl for $5.50.

ROCKS Lakeview: ROCKS has not just one chili, but two! Try the Black & Blue Chili that’s cooked with Guinness (the black) and PBR (the blue). The White Bean Chicken Chili is made with white beans, fresh jalapenos, shredded chicken and yellow onion, all in a creamy chicken base. Served with a side of roasted corn pico de gallo! Both are $7.50.

Sheffield’s Beer and Wine Garden: Just like Sheffield’s soups, they have two options for chili! The Two Hearted Chili is Sheff’s specialty chili made with smoked brisket and pork, chorizo, bacon, peppers, beans and a cheddar/pepper jack blend with cornbread on the side. Day Time Veggie Chili, made with white and black bean chili with Lagunitas Daytime, a mix of peppers, corn, fire roasted tomatoes, and tomatillos with cornbread on the side. Both are $8!

Stella’s Diner: Stella’s is a classic diner with an extensive menu and friendly staff! Enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Chicken Noodle Soup, or their cheesy baked French onion. Both are served daily!

Vegetarian Chili

Ann Sather’s: Ann Sather’s offers their Vegetarian Chili daily for just $5.95. Add Onions and Cheddar Cheese for an extra $0.50!

The Bagel Restaurant and Deli: Enjoy a hot bowl of vegetarian chili! A spicy blend of assorted beans and diced vegetables is served daily at The Bagel.

The Chicago Diner: Warm up at The Chicago Diner! Their quinoa chili is made with spicy vegetable bean chili with cumin, chipotle peppers, and quinoa, with one or two jalapeño corn fritters. Choose between a cup for $6, or a bowl for $12!


BITE’S Asian Kitchen: Indulge in the authentic flavors of Asia at BITE’S, where culinary inspirations from Thailand, Japan, and China come together harmoniously! Dive into their tempting selection of ramen dishes, including the mouthwatering Beef Rib Ramen featuring roasted beef rib, fresh noodles, menma, sweet corn, scallions, pickled fresno, shredded nori, and toasted sesame seeds, priced at $34.95. Or savor the rich Creamy Tonkotsu, boasting creamy pork broth, chashu pork, fresh noodles, menma, wood ear mushroom, shredded cabbage, mayu, shredded nori, pickled ginger, chopped scallions, egg, and toasted sesame seeds, all for $17.95!

Kameya Ramen & Sushi: Kameya has over 10 different ramen options available! They have exciting options like gyoza ramen, which has dumplings in the bowl, curry ramen, and even vegan ramen! All include ramen noodles, flavorful chicken base broth or miso, seaweed, egg, green onion, napa(cabbage), and cilantro garnish. All ramen can be made to be spicy as well!

Musashiya Ramen: Craft your ideal bowl at Musashiya! Take your pick between tonkotsu or miso broth, select your protein (from succulent chashu pork, tender chicken, crispy shrimp tempura, or hearty tofu), adjust the noodle texture to your liking, and spice it up just the way you want. Can’t decide? Dive into one of the expertly curated bowls from their extensive menu! The friendly staff will help you find your perfect ramen match.

Penny’s Noodle Shop: Discover Penny’s, a charming find tucked away in Wrigleyville along Sheffield. Indulge in their signature classic ramen soup, featuring rich miso broth paired with Japanese wheat noodles and adorned with flavorful shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, and scallions. Craving something different? Penny’s also offers an array of other tempting hot soup choices, including wonton soup, shrimp noodle soup, and BBQ pork soup! Embrace the warmth and comfort of Penny’s cozy atmosphere and delicious dishes.

Strings Ramen: Strings has over a dozen ramen options! There are options for all taste buds: Shoyu Ramen Kurobuta, Tonkotsu Ramen with Kurobuta, and Miso Clam and Pork. They are known for their Hell Ramen, which you can choose your level of spice. Feeling daring? Try the Monster Hell Challenge, if you finish a level 5 ramen in 20 minutes you will receive a $50 gift card, a free Monster Hell t-shirt, and your bowl for free!

Photo Courtesy of Kameya Ramen and Sushi

Photo Courtesy of Strings Ramen