National Pizza Day 2024

Mama Mia! It’s National Pizza Day! This page will be your doughmain for all things pizza in Lakeview East. Our local pizzerias have everything you knead to cheese the day!

Broadway Pizza is the new kid on the block.Having just opened in December 2023, Broadway Pizza sources the finest ingredients and combines them with decades of culinary expertise to craft pizzas that are nothing short of perfect. They are open until 4 am today, so you can celebrate National Pizza Day all night long!

Dimo’s Pizza Wrigleyville is offering $2 slices from 11 am to 6 pm! Stick with the basics like pepperoni or sausage, or go all out with Mac and Cheese pizza! For just $2 a slice, why not try them all?! Don’t worry, they also sell pizzas by the whole. Open late till 3:30 am.

Happy Camper Wrigleyville Come on campers, let’s eat! “If you ask us, there’s not a better combination of pizza, booze and vibes than what you’ll get at Happy Camper”. They have 4 different sizes of over 20 pizzas! They offer carry out, but with hundreds of disco balls, a live DJ, and incredible service, we recommend dining in and enjoying the ambiance.

Panino’s Pizza is a beloved pizza restaurant here in Lakeview East, and has been serving our community since 1999! Panino’s is known for award-winning pizza offering styles from across the globe including Chicago-style thin crust, pan, Sicilian, grandma, East Coast, and Neapolitan-style pizzas. They also offer a wide array of authentic Italian and American cuisine, made-to-order pastas, paninis, and chicken dishes. There is also a large selection of salads, homemade gelato, and Italian ice. Go all out!

Roebuck: Dryhop Brewers is Broadway Street’s most hoppin’ brewery. Their Roebuck pizza is a must-try! Their Artisan pizza comes in a lot of fun combinations. Pair it with a beer that’s brewed in-house, and savor every second of National Pizza Day.

Si-Pie Pizzeria There are several delicious pizzas on Si-Pie’s menu, all made with the freshest ingredients. You can try the cheese pie or even create your own with the toppings you prefer. In addition, you can get any of the specialty options including BBQ chicken, veggie, spicy Hawaiian, Mediterranean, and more. Also, they serve fresh and hot pizza by the slice, which is an excellent option to grab on the go. They offer delivery, so you can stay cozy at home.

Zaza’s Pizzeria sells New York-style pizza! Try this award-winning pizzeria, recently named in Eater Chicago’s Essential Pizza Restaurant List! Dine in and BYOB, see what all the hype is about. “We want to share with you, our guests, our New York-style inspired pizzeria where we offer a product that we crave daily. Inspired by our travels and years in the fine dining business, we wanted to offer a product that takes something simple that we all love and adds an artisanal spin to it.”