“Crunchy, yet tender on the inside; that’s what makes for the perfect piece of fried chicken.

Yes, Chicago is best known for hot dogs and Italian beef, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t give the fried chicken offerings the respect they deserve. The recipes may be Southern in origin, but decades of experimentation have made Chicago’s fried chicken its own.

Sorry vegetarians, but this one’s for the meat lovers.


2940 N. Broadway St. – Lakeview

Crisp puts a spin on things with its Korean fried chicken. A special blend of spices, marinade and a secret batter will shake up what you know about fried chicken…in a good way.


Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken

3343 N. Broadway St. – Lakeview

Ms. T’s keeps things simple, yet perfectly delicious. From the chicken to the fish to the sauces, you’ll be leaving plump and smiling.”

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