“One of life’s greatest pleasures is seeing the onslaught of dish after dish of banchan filling up a table. Yet with fusion spots and fancy restaurants adding a little fine dining flair to traditional dishes, Chicago’s Korean restaurants have much more than Korean barbecue. From bibimbap to a big bowl of soup or a hearty Korean pancake, here’s where to eat some of Chicago’s excellent Korean fare.

8. Crisp

2940 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60657

For the ultimate in sauce options, Crisp’s fried chicken wings are tops. Three sauces, barbecue, a house-made sauce called Seoul Sassy, and Buffalo are the options for toppings, or get them plain. The Seoul Sassy are a crowd favorite, tossed with scallions and with a shatteringly crispy exterior, don’t be afraid to make it a double order.”

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