College Sports Bars, Where to Root for Your Favorite School Team

In Lakeview East, an unspoken phenomenon is that almost every bar has a certain college team they full-heartedly support. They’ll host viewing parties for when games are live, roll out specials named after the mascot, or even have school memorable hanging from the walls and ceiling. If you’re looking for a place to cheer on your favorite college team, in-state or out, here is a list of the best spots to do so. Nothing says college sports more than a bar of fans as enthusiastic as you are.

Alabama: Houndstooth Saloon, Alabama Crimson Tide

Arizona: Cubbybear, Arizona Sun Devils

Florida: Country Club, Florida State Seminoles

Illinois: Brickhouse Tavern, Illinois Fighting Illini

Indiana: Sluggers, Indiana Hoosiers, Kirkwood, Indiana Hoosiers

Iowa: Merkles, Iowa Hawkeyes, Roadhouse 66, Iowa Hawkeyes, Iowa State University Cyclones Murphy’s Bleachers

Kansas: Brickhouse Tavern, Kansas Jayhawks

Massachusetts: Graystone Tavern, Boston College Eagles


The River, Michigan State Spartans

The Stretch, Michigan State Spartans

Trace, University of Michigan Wolverines

Sheffield’s, University of Michigan Wolverines

New York: Country Club, New York Jets

Ohio: Old Crow Smokehouse, Ohio State University

Pennsylvania: The Smoke Daddy, Penn State

South Carolina: Full Shilling, Clemson Tigers

Washington: Graystone Tavern, University of Washington