Dry January is Here! Keep your tastebuds busy!

Dry January is a practice adopted for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re on a health kick & ready to take a reset, or maybe you’re looking to lean into the sober lifestyle, the new year sometimes calls for new beginnings! But rather than drink soda or water all month long, keep your taste buds interested with some spirit free cocktails & mocktails! Being sober doesn’t mean the party stops, the party just looks a bit different. With all the tasty alcohol free options in the neighborhood, give one of our local favorites a go this Dry January!

Mordecai | 3632 N. Clark

Mordecai specializes in incredible cocktails & rare spirits, but year round you can find refreshing spirit free drinks that make going booze free an absolute delight. Try one of their spirit free cocktails like their Lemon Balthzar which has salted mint, fresh mint, peapod, lemon, & bubbles or their Beauty School Drop Out which has eucalyptus, cardamom, passionfruit, carrot, egg white. Fancy cocktail flavors without the booze!

Wilde | 3130 N Broadway

The neighborhood’s cozy Irish bar and Restaurant Wilde has booze free options this Dry January! They have elevated some classic cocktails like their Free Spirit Old Fashioned which uses Spiritless Kentucky 74, Luxardo Juice, Ginger Simple or their Virgin Whiskey Sour which uses Spiritless Kentucky 74 and Wilde’s signature homemade sour!

Houndstooth Saloon | 3369 N Clark

New additions to the menu abound for the new year at Houndstooth Saloon! Houndstooth is offering a selection of Mocktails to keep the party going, January Style! Try their Lavender Lemonade which has Lavender Simple, Fresh Lemon Juice Topped with Soda Water or their Mango Mule which has their House Made Honey Syrup, Lime Juice, Mango Puree and Ginger Beer Served Over Ice.

Matilda | 3101 N. Sheffield

If you haven’t tried one of the incredible mocktails at Matilda, you’re missing out! Their Dolly Parton, which features grenadine, lime, ginger beer and maraschino cherry, will make you feel way better after working that 9 to 5! Or try their Butterfly Lemonade that is made with butterfly tea, lemon, honey, and soda that will help you fly through Dry January in a flash!

Kirkwood | 2934 N. Sheffield

Kirkwood is one of the neighborhood’s favorite spots for catching the game or dancing the night away, but they also feature spirit free cocktails! Try their Phantom Mule which has seedlip citrus, lime and ginger beer or their Spirit Free Margarita which has Lyre’s Agave Blanco Spirit, Lyre’s orange sec, lime and agave – all of the flavor, none of the hangover!

PR Italian Bistro | 3908 N. Sheridan

PR Italian Bistro has added Dry January Libations to the menu! Enjoy craft sodas and Mocktails all month long! All their juices are squeezed fresh and all simple syrups their agave are house made! Try their Ube Lemongrass Mocktail that has Lemongrass Agave, Ube (Purple Yam) Nectar, Soda, & Thyme or their Spicy Ginger Lime which has house made Ginger Agave, Fresh Jalapeños, Lime, & Soda.

Bites Asian Kitchen & Bar | 3313 N. Clark

If booze is off the menu but CBD is a go, Bites Asian Kitchen & Bar has an entire menu of “Free Your Spirit” cocktails! Their Matcha Mojito has matcha, Matcha, fresh mint, lime, agave, Mad Tasty Yuzu Citrus CBD sparkling water which will give you weekend vibes without the hangover. Bites’ “I’m Passionate” mocktail features Quatreau Passion Fruit + Guava CBD-infused sparkling water, passion fruit puree, lime, tajin which is so tasty you’ll forget all about needing a little something extra!

Elixir | 3452 N. Halsted

Elixir is the Boystown hotspot for intimate cocktails and they have an entire menu of non-alcoholic creative drinks! Snuggle in to this cozy yet lush space for one of their N/A Cocktails like their Raspberry Fizz which features raspberry puree, lime juice, and ginger beer. Looking to stay trendy? They have a Less-presso Martino that uses elevate cold brew coffee, Orgeat, honey and barrel aged bitters!

Bottles Up! | 3164 N Broadway

Need a glass of wine at this point of the winter? Maybe thinking about cozying up with a good book and a glass of vino? Bottles Up has Alcohol Free Wine! Keep dry January going with one of Bottles Up!’s recommendations. Plus, if you’re a member of their wine club, you won’t have to skip this month as they’ll have N/A options available!