It’s coming. You can see it on the horizon. The big day. The celebration of all things love. The pinnacle of romance. It’s Valentine’s Day. And here’s the good news: whether you’re celebrating your fiftieth anniversary or you’re rocking it single this year with your Galentines, Lakeview East has got you covered.


For the Out of Towner Valentine:

Aw, sweetie. We know how hard it is to be apart from the people you love on days like this. Lucky for you, we know just the thing to make your heartache a little less painful. First up, grab a gift card to Best Western so your true love can book a visit soon and you can splurge on a night away from home next time they’re in town. Next up, head over to our favorite bottle shop Bottles Up! to ask Melissa to help you grab a bottle of wine (or two) you’ll love, then go to Lark for some edible comfort in the form of cheese breadsticks AND pizza. Finish the night with a side-splitting show at Laugh Factory, and we think you just might find a smile on your face on Valentine’s Day after all.





For the Valentine Who Needs a Staycation:

We get it. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is a Chicago winter. But no need to fret if you can’t afford to whisk your Valentine away for a getaway vacation for the big day — Lakeview East has you covered. First, book a room at the gorgeous Majestic Hotel to make it feel like you’re truly in the lap of luxury. Next, you’re headed to a spa day at De La Vie Day Spa, where you can treat yourself to a facial, manicure, pedicure, and more all in the same place. And yes, they offer memberships. Finish your day of staycationing with a dinner worthy of a Netflix special at Mia Francesca, where it’s not hard at all to imagine yourself in Italy give the mouthwatering menu of Italian specials. If you skip the torta di cioccolato, we’ll never forgive you.


For the Valentine Whose Sweet Tooth Needs Some Loving:

Oh, honey. We gotchu. Start V-Day morning off sweet with some of the best donuts in the city at Stan’s Coffee and Donuts (pssst, they take Valentine’s Day preorders!). Give your Valentine a box of Fannie May chocolates to get them through the day, then prepare your sweet tooth. For the big night, stay on theme and book a table at the Kit Kat Lounge where they’re offering dinner and drink specials from 2/13-2/15 — not quite candy, but sweet enough! We know you already ordered a custom sweetheart cake from Bittersweet Pastry Shop, so the last thing we’ll recommend is an ice cream nightcap (what other kind is there?!) at Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, where they’re making hot chocolate floats, conversation heart ice cream sandwiches, and cherry cordial ice cream. NOT A DRILL. 




For the Galentines of Your Life:

Start out by grabbing the girls bouquets that’ll make them feel like the BFFs they are at Goldie’s Flower Shop (our favorites are their gorgeous long-stemmed pink roses). Get everyone a card that matches their personality by browsing the racks at Foursided — they have a card for literally everyone on your list, we promise — then stop by Little Barn Apothecary to splurge on a matching set of honeysuckle and grapefruit body oils so everyone can pamper themselves like they deserve. Speaking of pampering, book a couple of chairs at Studio Within, and get ready for a night out. Round up the girls, and go grab snacks (we see you, smoked gouda mac and cheese!), drinks, and games at Lucky Strike Social, gazing out at Wrigley Field and reminding yourself how lucky you are to live in Lakeview East. Galentine’s Day = best day ever.


For the Ultimate Love of Your Life: Yourself!

Okay, we see you! Time for a little treat yourself Valentine’s vibe. First things first: you’re not gonna sleep at home tonight. We’re gonna get you a room at a boutique, uniquely Chicago space: the Wheelhouse Hotel! Take your pick of amazingly maintained rooms, then head out for a day of self-love. First up: power vinyasa at Yoggic to stay centered and remind yourself just how strong you are. Grab a Dark Matter coffee at Osmium (yum), then take yourself out to crepes for breakfast at The Crepe Shop. You deserve it. On your way, stop and treat yourself to a new succulent (okay, and maybe some new sage) at inkling. Oh, and for dinner? You’re taking yourself out to Black & Caspian for some deliciously modern, food porn-worthy dishes because you’re sophisticated like that. Mmm-hmm. 





Written by Laura Scherb from Page & Plate

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