“Here we go again: Welcome to the fifth installment of “Ask Rick,” the experiment intended as a way for readers to ask me questions that they might have about the place we all call home. The month of June and a bit of July brought in more questions, comments, criticisms and bits of praise and craziness to www.chicagotribune.com/askrick and I responded to most.

One recent “Ask Rick” question did grab my attention. It came from an anonymous writer who asked, “How did the neighborhoods/areas come to be named, i.e.: clearing, lakeview, edgewater, etc.?”

Lakeview on the North Side: In 1854, James Rees and Elisha Hundley built a hotel near Lake Shore Drive and Byron Street as a resort to lure potential investors in the surrounding property. (According to some legends, Walter Newberry, the business leader who established the aforementioned Newberry Library, looked out from the hotel’s veranda, admired the view suggested that the hotel be named “Lake View House.”)”

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